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Waterfall Information

You can find tons of waterfalls in the surrounding areas. Agate Falls, Jumbo Falls, and Bond Falls are each only a few miles away from Two Rivers, but there are countless others. We believe that spring is the best time to view the waterfalls - the winter snow melt makes the waterfalls very active and strong.


Waterfalls are marked as Blue on our Activity Map, included at the bottom of this page.

WINTER INFO - Please wear appropriate footwear - most waterfall areas will be ice covered and slippery

Be careful and respect posted signs.


Check out the Recreational Opportunity Guide to Ottawa Waterfalls PDF from the USDA. 


Here is a great resource for all of the major waterfalls around Lake Superior - Lake Superior Circle Tour - Waterfalls

Below is a list that we put together of some of the waterfalls in the area.

Here is a link if you would like to print it out - Local Waterfalls

Slate River Falls

At a drop of 25 feet, the Slate River Falls is the highest on the Slate River.  Located 11 miles east of L’Anse, Michigan, it has two angled streams flowing down craggy rock.  Also near this site are the Black Slate Falls and Quartzite Falls.


Quartzite Falls

At Quartzite Falls water flows over slate rock ledges and a flat slide into a deep pool. This is one of several drops along the scenic Slate River.  These falls are located 11 miles east of L’anse and can be accessed via a short easy trail through a cedar forest.


Black Slate Falls

One of several drops on the Slate River, Black Slate Falls is the farthest upstream. These picturesque falls drop 4 feet over a 20 feet wide slate rock formation, and can be reached by following a short easy trail through a cedar forest. If you are in the area, you might also want to check out the Quartzite Falls and Slate River Falls.


Powerhouse Falls

Powerhouse Falls is situated in the Falls River next to a decommissioned hydraulic powerhouse.  Located in L’Anse, Michigan, this is a 15 foot drop over slate rock ledges.  Explore a little further upstream and you will find the Power Dam Falls, as well as the remnants of an old dam that has been removed.


Canyon Falls

The trailhead for Canyon Falls on Sturgeon River is located at the parking lot of a roadside park along US-41. The park offers picnic tables and restrooms.  An easy 10 min walk brings you to the Canyon Falls site, which is comprised of a scenic box canyon and waterfalls with varying levels. This is sometimes referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Michigan”.


Agate Falls

Agate Falls, situated in the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, is an official Michigan State Scenic Site. Located just 7 miles southeast of Bruce Crossing, it flows 39 feet over a shelf of sandstone. It can be viewed by traversing a railroad bridge that passes over the falls, or by walking a short trail from the parking area. Bond Falls is a mere 12 mile drive down river.


Duppy Falls

Duppy Fall is a set of three small drops in a quick row right before Jumbo River flows out of Iron County - about 5.1 miles south of Kenton just off of NF-16. Each drop is over tough, weathered volcanic rock nestled between steep rounded hills. The river drains out of a swampy section upstream before flowing over this and Jumbo Falls, a few miles downstream, and then meets up with East Branch Ontonagon River.


Jumbo Falls

Surrounded by huge cedars, Jumbo Falls is a short but scenic waterfall. The river winds slowly through the old forest below the falls creating a convenient viewing platform for the smooth, rounded drop. From Two Rivers Motel and Cabins, go straight across M-28 onto Golden Glow Road. Follow Golden Glow for 1.8 miles and turn left at the first intersection. .3 miles later take the right fork, which leads through an old sand pit at .7 miles and ends at a trailhead at .9 miles. Park at the trout sign and follow the path on foot, heading upstream to the falls.


Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls is located in the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness in Ottawa National Forest. The Sturgeon River has carved out a deep, forested gorge that is 300 feet deep in some places. The falls are located deep in the gorge. The drop is only 25 feet, but the river is very powerful as it shoots over and through a narrow chute. From Two Rivers Motel and Cabins, go east on M-28 to Sidnaw. Turn north onto the gravel road 2200 just past the Sidnaw Grocery Store/Gas Station/Bar/Restaurant. Unfortunately there is no sign for the Sturgeon Falls until you actually reach the trailhead. Turn left onto 193 just past the Bears Den Outlook. The roads are dirt but in good shape and should give a normal car no problem. The hiking trail is about 3/4 of a mile and has a steep descent into the gorge. The waterfall is wild and undeveloped. There are no fences or platforms, just rocks from which to enjoy the falls.


Bond Falls

Bond Falls has a total drop of approximately 50 feet over fractured rock. Like the nearby Agate Falls, it is a Michigan State Scenic Site and flows down the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River. There is free parking as well as a picnic area near the top of the falls.  This site also boasts an accessible boardwalk with six viewing platforms!


O Kun de Kun Falls

O Kun de Kun Falls is one of the most impressive plunging waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. The North Country Trail runs along the Baltimore River here, with a long suspension footbridge spanning the river. There are several smaller drops along the river, including the upper Falls (Peanut Butter Falls) and some unnamed steps below O Kun de Kun. This spot is easy to visit and worth exploring a bit, deep woods, and smaller drops nearby side attractions around the main waterfall.There is a trailhead and parking area on the east side of US-45, 7.8 miles north of Bruce Crossing (or just past Burma Road).It is a moderately simple 1.5 mile trek to the suspension footbridge.


Victoria Falls

This waterfall is controlled by the amount of water in the lake flowing over Victoria Dam, so it is possible that it won’t be visible during drier times of the year. When it is flowing, it is a spectacular straight drop! Take Victoria Dam Rd West from Rockland for approximately five miles to the Dam. Make sure you bear left at the junction by the old village. There is an unnamed falls about .2 miles below the Dam. There are some pipes that go along the River about 300 feet into the ground. From there you can see, across the river, water dropping about 90 feet straight down to the River!


Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a moderately difficult approximately 2 mile loop trek situated in the Ottawa National Forest, which is located near Bergland, Michigan. Two trails will lead you to the falls.  The Bluff Trail joins the Main Trail and is more challenging but offers incredible views. The Main Trail is less difficult with only moderate changes in elevation.  Leashed dogs are allowed on this trail.


Bonanza Falls

Near Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is where you will find Bonanza Falls.  Located near Silver City, Michigan, these breathtaking, easily accessible falls are about 100 feet wide and flow down the Big Iron River.  There are multiple short drops over slate rock, making this an absolute must see.


Greenstone Falls

Located within the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Greenstone Falls flows on the Little Carp River. They can be accessed via a two mile round trip section on the Little Carp River Trail off South Boundary Road. Trails run along either side of the river.  There are several narrow planked boardwalks that can be used to cross the water at different points. The Greenstone Falls Cabin is nearby, and can be rented for an overnight stay.


Root Beer Falls

Root Beer Falls flows down Planter Creek and is nestled just beyond the trees close to the roadside.  Located near Wakefield, Michigan, this 8 foot high waterfall gets its name from the rich brown tannin water that flows over a small rock ridge, while creating a bubbly froth into the pool below.


Shining Cloud Falls

Located within the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Shining Cloud Falls is a back-country waterfall that drops approximately 20 feet and splits into two parts. The left section flows down a slide, the right takes a plunge 30 feet down gorge walls. These falls can be accessed via the Big Carp River Trail about 8.5 miles from the Lake of the Clouds Scenic Overlook.


Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop Trail

Just over 2 miles long, the Presque Isle River Waterfalls Loop Trail is located near Wakefield, Michigan, along the western edge of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. On this trail you will find boardwalks, stairs, and a suspension bridge. Ample parking is available at the Presque Isle Scenic Area. The three main falls on this trail.

Manabezho Falls, taking its name from an Ojibway god, is the first set you will encounter. At a height of 25 feet and a width of 150 feet, it is the largest drop on the river.  There is an overlook at the top of the falls and it can be viewed from either side of the river.

Manido Falls, from the Ojibway word meaning “spirit”, is the second and smallest waterfall on the trail,  with a drop of approximately 15 feet.  Depending on the waterflow, it can have a crest of between 50 and 150 feet!  A set of stairs will bring you to an overlook above the falls.

The final waterfall on the trail is the Nawadaha Falls, which is taken from the Ojibway term for “in the midst of rapids”.   This site has a drop of 15 feet and a crest of up to 150 feet in the spring.  There is a natural viewing platform above the falls.


Black River Waterfalls Trails

Along the Black River Waterfalls Trails, north of Bessemer and within the Ottawa National Forest, there are five waterfalls that should not be missed.

Beginning upstream of the Black River is the Great Conglomerate. The trail to these falls is about ¾ miles from the Potawatomi/Gorge Falls parking lot.  On this trail there are stairs and observation platforms that give you an excellent view of this 30 feet tall waterfall. When the water level is lower, the river splits in half around large conglomerate rock.

From the same parking lot, you can access the Potawatomi Falls. The trail is under a ¼ mile, and there is an observation platform from which to view this 30 foot drop of white water, which is also a whopping 130 feet wide!  This waterfall is wheelchair accessible.

Gorge Falls is situated just a hop, skip and jump downstream from Potawatomi Falls. There is an observation platform from which to view this 25 foot tall waterfall. It has a narrow crest of 10 feet, and the deep narrow gorge above and below is how the falls gets its name.

The fourth and smallest of the waterfalls, the trail to Sandstone Falls is approximately ¼ of a mile.  It is a short but steep hike, with a series of stairs. These falls are 15 feet in height and 30 feet in width, and cascade over sandstone and conglomerate rock.

The last of the five waterfalls, Rainbow Falls is 40 a foot drop and is situated just prior to the Black River meeting Lake Superior. The falls can be accessed by parking at the Black River Harbor lot and crossing the suspension bridge over the river followed by a ½ mile hike upstream. You can also access it via the Rainbow Falls parking lot, where a ¾ mile trail to a set of stairs will lead you to a viewing platform.

If you click on the icon on the top left of the map below, you can hide or show different categories of entries. Waterfalls are the Blue items.

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