Meet the Owners.jpg

Hey all! Tim and Jen here!

We purchased Two Rivers Motel and Cabins in November 2020 - we are loving it up here and we can't wait to share this beautiful area with you!

We hail from Madison, WI, and COVID gave us the opportunity to find a way to live where we LOVE to play! We enjoy hunting, fishing, rock hunting, snowmobiling, ORVing, and pretty much anything you can do outside. 

Tim grew up in Madison, and Jen grew up in Green Bay, and received an engineering degree from Michigan Tech (and always wanted to return to the area!!)

When you are here, Miss Copper will most likely want to come out and greet you! She thinks everyone is a long lost best friend, and is super friendly with humans (big and small) and other dogs. She is a cross between an Australian Shephard and a Norwegian Elk hound - she loves the winter, and isn't afraid to use her voice to let you know how excited she is to see you!

We are looking forward to being a part of your UP adventures.